Ogre Mark V
Larger and more formidable than any of its predecessors, the Mark V is outfitted with 2 main batteries, 6 secondary batteries, 6 missiles, and 12 AP batteries. It starts the game with 60 tread units. When the Mark V appeared, it relegated the Mark III to a useful but still secondary role. Mark Vs appeared in the Paneuropean line of battle late in 2081 - the templates at Sheffield had been damaged in the fight for the factory, and the Paneuropean Ogre development team chose to test their own Mark IIIs in battle before trying to get the Mark V on line. The rebuilt templates included several modifications and improvements; thus, while early Paneuropean Mark IIIs looked just like their Combine cousins, the Mark V variants produced at Stuttgart were distinctively different from any Combine units. Paneurope called this the "Huscarl." Some versions of the Huscarl dispensed entirely with the characteristic Ogre tower.
Steve Jackson Games